The 52-Foot MTI Catamaran – Options and Specifications

MTI catamaran

An entrepreneur in the Kansas City area, Russell “Rusty” Rahm is principal and cofounder of Subco Fresno, one of the biggest US-based media marketing networks, and president and CEO of Millennium Marketing. In his free time, Rusty Rahm enjoys boating in his 52 MTI on Lake of the Ozarks.

The 52-foot MTI catamaran allows owners to choose from either a stern drive or a surface drive engine with rudder propulsion. Owners can also choose a model with a removable canopy, allowing boaters to enjoy the water in both warm and cool weather. The boat’s cockpit can seat up to six or eight individuals, depending on the configuration, and features shock-absorbing seating and air conditioning.

Designed for safety at high speeds, the 52-foot MTI catamaran also comes with a large electrically operated hatch and harnesses for the safety of the driver and passengers. Further, owners have the option of outfitting the cockpit with a race-quality roll cage, roof and floor escape hatches, and 2-inch thick impact-rated windows for maximum safety.


Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City Warns of New Phone Scam

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Better Business Bureau

Direct marketing professional Russell “Rusty” Rahm is the owner of Wake Effects, LLC, a Kansas leader in boating and water sports gear sales. Rusty Rahm is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Greater Kansas City.

As part of its work protecting local consumers, the Kansas City BBB follows regional scams and other potential threats through its Scamtracker service. In early 2017, the BBB issued a warning about a new type of phone scam in the area. Known as the “Can you hear me” scam, fraudsters are using dishonest tactics to get their victims to say “yes” on the phone.

Robocalls that sound like real humans may ask seemingly innocuous questions such as “can you hear me?” that result in an affirmative response. When an individual replies yes, that person’s voice may be used to authorize fraudulent charges.

The BBB suggests that residents hang up immediately if a caller asks this question or a variation on it. Scammers may alter their tactics as the public learns of them, so be on the lookout for other questions that are fishing for a yes. If you think you may have encountered one of these scammers, consider checking your phone bill and credit card statements for any unauthorized charges.

Wake Effects, LLC – Retail Marketing Company


Wake Effects, LLC pic

Wake Effects, LLC

As the current CEO of Subscription Ink, Company in Kansas City, Missouri, “Rusty” Rahm oversees the company’s marketing efforts. He aims to provide outstanding customer service to the general public and offer partners of the company significant value. Rusty Rahm is also the owner of Wake Effects, LLC, the marketing branch of his speed boat racing business.

Wake Effects, LLC in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, is a retail marketing company that sells merchandise ranging from hats and apparel to wakeboards and water skis with the Wake Effects logo. The company also carries merchandise from other companies, including vests, water skis, and boats. The company strives to be a full-service outlet for swimming and boating accessories.

Wake Effects is also associated with Kirby’s School of Wake in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. The School of Wake offers private lessons in boating, as well as water skiing training and techniques. Lessons are taught by professional wake boarder, Kirby Liesmann.

Millennium Marketing Expands Presence in Shawnee

Shawnee, Kansas

Russell “Rusty” Rahm draws on three decades on entrepreneurial experience in the direct marketing sector to serve as president and COO of Millennium Marketing. Since founding the Shawnee, Kansas, company in 1996, Rusty Rahm has led Millennium’s growth into a leading national provider of telephone marketing services.

In 2001, Mr. Rahm oversaw Millennium’s expansion to a new company headquarters in Shawnee Kansas. Having moved into a 2,000-square-foot office space just two years after its establishment, the company continued its fast-paced growth with a transition to a 42,000-square-foot space at the Shawnee Shopping Center. Located off of Shawnee Mission Parkway, the property’s expansive floorplan offered plenty of space to accommodate the quickly developing company, which at the time employed 200 professionals across 14 US offices.

In addition to providing an ideal space for Millennium’s operational needs, the office move also stood to breathe new life into the local economy. As noted by the Shawnee Economic Development Council’s then-Director Jim Martin, the influx of new activity would likely offer a boost to retailers surrounding the shopping center, which has served the Shawnee community since the 1960s.

Kansas City BBB’s Military Line Protects Military Consumers

BBB’s Military Line pic

BBB’s Military Line

With his leadership at several companies, including Millennium Marketing, Subco Fresno, and Leading Edge Technology Strategies, Russell Rahm received Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneurial Superstar Award for both 2011 and 2012. Russell Rahm’s Millennium Marketing (whose official name is Publishers Renewal Service Co.) has received a rating of A+ with Kansas City’s Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The Kansas City BBB has set up a specific program for local military service members and their families. Historically, this is a population that has been targeted by scammers. In 2012, for example, military families made over 67,000 complaints about scams and fraud. Scammers know that service members, especially young ones, have a steady government paycheck, and aim to find ways to redirect it into their own pockets. The BBB’s Military Line helps to protect this community through education and other tools.

The BBB provides outreach and online programs to educate military service members. Workshops include topics like buying a home or car, smart investment practices, and how to avoid scams and identity theft on the Internet.

Kansas City Transforming to a Smart City


Russell Rahm

Russell Rahm

An experienced entrepreneur and marketer, Russell Rahm is the chief executive of Publishers Renewal Service based in Shawnee, Kansas. Serving on the advisory board of Think Big Partners, Russell Rahm plays a role in transforming Kansas City into a smart city.

Many cities around the world are embracing the smart city concept, which involves leveraging digital technologies to better the operations of modern cities. As the global population grows, cities are becoming more congested and resources are becoming strained. Smart cities incorporate information technology systems in their infrastructure to monitor trends in water usage or traffic and then use this data to improve daily living.

Last year, Kansas City, Missouri, signed a partnership with Cisco Systems, Inc., and other partners for the implementation of a comprehensive smart city framework to pilot along the city’s 2.2-mile streetcar corridor. Along the corridor, the city will install video sensors to identify poorly parked vehicles, traffic lights programed to keep traffic moving, and digital kiosks that operate as city guides.

Smart cities transform challenges into opportunity with the help of technology. They are the future of modern cities. To successfully pioneer the smart city future however, good leadership that embraces progressive collaborations with the private sector is needed.

Coworking at Think Big Partners

Think Big Coworking Image:

Think Big Coworking

An accomplished entrepreneur and an established executive in the marketing industry, Russell Rahm serves as the president and CEO of Leading Edge Technology Strategies in Shawnee, Kansas. Russell Rahm also serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Directors for Think Big Partners.

Think Big Partners is a start-up accelerator based in Kansas City, Missouri. The organization helps small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through mentorship, a range of in-house services, and a large network of national partners. In addition, Think Big Partners maintains a focus on fostering a community of collaboration among entrepreneurs through Think Big Coworking.

Think Big Coworking, known as TBCo, is a branch of Think Big Partners that was implemented in August 2010. Located in downtown Kansas City, TBCo provides three floors of collaborative coworking space for entrepreneurs, in addition to other amenities including high-speed internet, a coffee and alcohol bar, and meeting rooms. TBCo recently moved to a space at 1712 Main in the Crossroads Arts District, which provides room for more than 40 companies to collaborate. Since its founding, 3,421 coworkers have used the TBCo space, and nearly 30,000 meetings have been held at the building.