Millennium Marketing Expands Presence in Shawnee

Shawnee, Kansas

Russell “Rusty” Rahm draws on three decades on entrepreneurial experience in the direct marketing sector to serve as president and COO of Millennium Marketing. Since founding the Shawnee, Kansas, company in 1996, Rusty Rahm has led Millennium’s growth into a leading national provider of telephone marketing services.

In 2001, Mr. Rahm oversaw Millennium’s expansion to a new company headquarters in Shawnee Kansas. Having moved into a 2,000-square-foot office space just two years after its establishment, the company continued its fast-paced growth with a transition to a 42,000-square-foot space at the Shawnee Shopping Center. Located off of Shawnee Mission Parkway, the property’s expansive floorplan offered plenty of space to accommodate the quickly developing company, which at the time employed 200 professionals across 14 US offices.

In addition to providing an ideal space for Millennium’s operational needs, the office move also stood to breathe new life into the local economy. As noted by the Shawnee Economic Development Council’s then-Director Jim Martin, the influx of new activity would likely offer a boost to retailers surrounding the shopping center, which has served the Shawnee community since the 1960s.


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