The 52-Foot MTI Catamaran – Options and Specifications

MTI catamaran

An entrepreneur in the Kansas City area, Russell “Rusty” Rahm is principal and cofounder of Subco Fresno, one of the biggest US-based media marketing networks, and president and CEO of Millennium Marketing. In his free time, Rusty Rahm enjoys boating in his 52 MTI on Lake of the Ozarks.

The 52-foot MTI catamaran allows owners to choose from either a stern drive or a surface drive engine with rudder propulsion. Owners can also choose a model with a removable canopy, allowing boaters to enjoy the water in both warm and cool weather. The boat’s cockpit can seat up to six or eight individuals, depending on the configuration, and features shock-absorbing seating and air conditioning.

Designed for safety at high speeds, the 52-foot MTI catamaran also comes with a large electrically operated hatch and harnesses for the safety of the driver and passengers. Further, owners have the option of outfitting the cockpit with a race-quality roll cage, roof and floor escape hatches, and 2-inch thick impact-rated windows for maximum safety.


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