The 5-Star Accredited Shawnee Chamber of Commerce


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Shawnee Chamber of Commerce

With more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience, Russell “Rusty” Rahm serves as the president of Subscription Ink Co. in Shawnee, Kansas. Rusty Rahm shares his time and resources in supporting a number of organizations, including the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce.

Representing close to 600 member businesses and 1,400 member representatives, the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce is the principal advocate for businesses in Shawnee, Kansas, and the surrounding area. The chamber has received 5-Star Accreditation from the United States Chamber of Commerce. Only 1 percent of more than 7,000 chambers of commerce across the US attain this level, and less than 4 percent of the nationwide chambers of commerce receive accreditation at any level, placing the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce in an esteemed group.

To receive accreditation, chambers of commerce must meet stringent standards for programs, leadership, staff development, and policies and procedures. Every five years, chambers apply to the US Chamber of Commerce to maintain accredited status.


Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City Warns of New Phone Scam

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Better Business Bureau

Direct marketing professional Russell “Rusty” Rahm is the owner of Wake Effects, LLC, a Kansas leader in boating and water sports gear sales. Rusty Rahm is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Greater Kansas City.

As part of its work protecting local consumers, the Kansas City BBB follows regional scams and other potential threats through its Scamtracker service. In early 2017, the BBB issued a warning about a new type of phone scam in the area. Known as the “Can you hear me” scam, fraudsters are using dishonest tactics to get their victims to say “yes” on the phone.

Robocalls that sound like real humans may ask seemingly innocuous questions such as “can you hear me?” that result in an affirmative response. When an individual replies yes, that person’s voice may be used to authorize fraudulent charges.

The BBB suggests that residents hang up immediately if a caller asks this question or a variation on it. Scammers may alter their tactics as the public learns of them, so be on the lookout for other questions that are fishing for a yes. If you think you may have encountered one of these scammers, consider checking your phone bill and credit card statements for any unauthorized charges.

Kansas City Transforming to a Smart City


Russell Rahm

Russell Rahm

An experienced entrepreneur and marketer, Russell Rahm is the chief executive of Publishers Renewal Service based in Shawnee, Kansas. Serving on the advisory board of Think Big Partners, Russell Rahm plays a role in transforming Kansas City into a smart city.

Many cities around the world are embracing the smart city concept, which involves leveraging digital technologies to better the operations of modern cities. As the global population grows, cities are becoming more congested and resources are becoming strained. Smart cities incorporate information technology systems in their infrastructure to monitor trends in water usage or traffic and then use this data to improve daily living.

Last year, Kansas City, Missouri, signed a partnership with Cisco Systems, Inc., and other partners for the implementation of a comprehensive smart city framework to pilot along the city’s 2.2-mile streetcar corridor. Along the corridor, the city will install video sensors to identify poorly parked vehicles, traffic lights programed to keep traffic moving, and digital kiosks that operate as city guides.

Smart cities transform challenges into opportunity with the help of technology. They are the future of modern cities. To successfully pioneer the smart city future however, good leadership that embraces progressive collaborations with the private sector is needed.